Bringing Inclusivity
to Quality Food

Chef and owner, Sadik Demir, wanted to create a fine dining experience that is accessible, affordable and open to all in the heart of Nyack, NY. Everyone deserves the experience of enjoying a decadent meal with fresh, healthy ingredients. At Dolce Vita, food is art; we not only take great care in preparing your dish, but also in the presentation. The dining experience should be enjoyed with all of your senses, and that’s what inspires our colorful, aromatic cuisine.

Dolce Vita is a seafood and Italian fusion restaurant that is influenced by the freshness of the Mediterranean area. We want you to feel the cool breeze along the European coast as you enjoy our chicken, seafood, steak and pasta options.

We also offer a carefully crafted bar menu with small, shareable dishes and flatbread pizzas to enjoy while you relax with one of our delicious cocktails. Sit back, grab a glass, and allow us to serve you, so you can do the most important thing of all – spend some quality time with the ones you love.

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Sadik Demir

Owner of Dolce Vita

Sadik Demir, a resident of Piermont, NY, has been calling Rockland County his home for 21 years. Sadik has an extensive career in the restaurant industry,  becoming a well-known chef in Rockland County most notably for his colorful and ornate-looking dishes.

Sadik is opening his new restaurant in Nyack, NY because he wants to reinvigorate the Nyack food scene with upscale Mediterranean cuisine at an affordable price.  

“I want everyone to be able to have the experience of having a rich, colorful meal. It is important that my customers feel welcome and comfortable as they indulge in decadent food,” said Sadik.

Sadik began his culinary career when he was just 11 years old. When he was in middle school, Sadik began working for his cousin, who owned a restaurant in Tire Izmir, Turkey. There, Sadik washed dishes and prepared food well into the early hours of the morning before the expert chefs would come in to complete the dishes. And it didn’t end there.

Sadik became a private chef for high-ranking generals in the military. After leaving the military, he began working as a sous chef at five-star hotels in Izmir, Turkey. It was here that he cultivated his culinary skills and began his impressive career as a chef in diverse cuisines, such as seafood, Mediterranean, Italian, Turkish, pastries, Asian, Southeast Asian, and Spanish.

After immigrating to America in 2000, Sadik began working as a Chef in Rockland County. During his 21 years of working in restaurants in Rockland, Sadik managed all aspects of the kitchen while also developing a well-renowned reputation for producing high-quality meals. 

Due to these unprecedented times, Sadik feels as though it is important to open a place where guests can feel comfortable and truly relax from outside pressures.

“We have all been through a lot these past couple of years. It is important now to pause, breathe, and enjoy life again by spending time with family and friends, listening to great music, enjoying delicious food, celebrating with good people, and having some fun again,” said Sadik.