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At Dolce Vita, under the visionary leadership of Chef Sadik Demir, we redefine fine dining with an inclusive touch. Nestled in the heart of Nyack, NY, our mission is to make luxurious dining experiences accessible to everyone. Here, food transcends mere sustenance – it becomes an art form, celebrated with every meticulously crafted and beautifully presented dish. Our essence lies in blending the fresh, vibrant flavors of the Mediterranean with a diverse array of options, including chicken, seafood, steak, and pasta.

Our ambiance is not just about savoring exquisite meals; it's about creating memorable moments. Whether you're relishing our delightful small plates and flatbread pizzas or unwinding with our handcrafted cocktails, our goal is to make your time here an opportunity for quality connection and relaxation. Dolce Vita is more than a restaurant; it's a place where every sense is indulged and every visit is a cherished experience.

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Exquisite Dolce Vita dish, showcasing seafood and Italian fusion cuisine, elegantly plated

Sadik Demir

Owner of Dolce Vita
Piermont, NY resident Sadik Demir has long been a cornerstone of Rockland County's culinary world, boasting over two decades of residence and an illustrious career in the restaurant industry. Known throughout the county for his vibrant, artfully crafted dishes, Sadik brings his culinary expertise to Nyack with an ambitious goal: to revitalize the local food landscape. His latest venture, Dolce Vita, embodies this vision, offering an upscale Mediterranean dining experience that's both exceptional and accessible. It's not just about fine dining; it's about enriching Nyack's gastronomic scene with affordable, high-quality cuisine.
I want everyone to be able to have the experience of having a rich, colorful meal. It is important that my customers feel welcome and comfortable as they indulge in decadent food
Sadik Demir